October Free Landing Page Template Giveaway

I once read an excellent blog on being a “giving” website. Just give your users something instead of constantly asking. In that spirit, here’s a free landing page template – no forms, no leads. Just download it.

It is Pardot ready (has regions) and features a static form on wide screens.

The mobile preview is featured above. It features a button in the hero that when clicked, scrolls down to the form.

Widescreen Preview

The widescreen version features a two column format. The form column on the left remains fixed as users scroll the content on the right. The form also has a cool little animation. Consider this page a “from the labs”. Some fine tuning might be required.

See the functional demo. You can also use the URL of the demo to import the landing page into Pardot. You’d just have to change the colors and branding and add any custom work you might need.

Please note that this is a test template. It is a slightly unconventional layout and hasn’t been fully tested on all browsers – definitely not IE. Take the idea and improve on it if need be. Enjoy

If you liked this, there are three more awesome landing pages that load under 1 second. A Webinar, White Paper, and a fun Thank You Page.