Best Atlanta SEO Companies

Atlanta has been a business hub for a long time now. However, in recent times, new businesses have seen a significant uptick. 2023 saw record number of new business filings. In January of 2023 alone, 26,520 new businesses were registered – in the state of Georgia.

A majority, if not all of these businesses, I assume, look for some form of digital marketing and SEO is generally part of that mix. So, with all these new businesses, or ones that have been operating for decades, searching for the best Atlanta SEO company, I thought a good roundup and review would be helpful.

Before we get into the list, it’s important to understand what you want out of SEO. If you are a retailer and are looking for more foot traffic into your store – then you want an agency that’s great at local SEO. If you want to grow traffic and leads to your website then you want more of a digital marketing SEO.

In some cases, there’d be a blend. Even if you were looking for foot traffic, you probably want to drive visitors to your site so they can discover you.

Top Atlanta SEO companies for whatever your SEO needs are

Thrive SEO Agency

First of, the folks at Thrive are good people. They do good work. With offices spread across the country, including Atlanta, you will be in good hands. Thrive Agency is a full service agency so, as with SEO, you will require some development, Thrive has that breadth of offerings and can be your go-to agency for all things digital marketing.

Good for local SEO and nationwide or even worldwide SEO. Check out Thrive Agency.

Persist SEO

Persist SEO is a great example if you are looking for something very specific. They specialise in local SEO. So if you have a brick and mortar store and rely on people walking through your doors, then Persist SEO is great at that.

Check out Persist SEO.

M16 Marketing

M16 is a also another Atlanta pillar. However, they are franchise based, but the quality is consistent. They appear to be a full service digital agency but the core competencies are SEO – both local and general.

M16 has offices mostly in the South and one in Arizona. Check out M16 here.


Finally, Postlaunch is on par with any agency listed or not listed here. Postlaunch has worked with companies like WebMD that had billions of page views a month to small, home grown, Atlanta mom and pop shops and local churches. Our mission is to bring that big company experience to the small businesses of Atlanta.

The best way to vet us is to ask us for a free proposal. We’d love to chat and show you why we’re the best Atlanta SEO agency.

We’re a full service agency and can build anything from a single page to complex enterprise sites, apps, or even custom plugins and web development. You can rest assure that when you work with us, you are backed by a solid foundation.